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We prefer cash for all payments to avoid any fees which may apply, but we gladly accept PayPal Payments, as well as all major credit and debit cards for all money transactions. PayPal will allow you to use your credit card for payment, without opening an account with them.

We do not  accept Walmart Moneygrams and / or Western Union. Which ever option you choose, it is your responsibility  to take care of any  fees associate with whichever option you choose. Please keep in mind purchase price DOES NOT include flight and/or transport fee.

*** We do not accept any Checks NO EXPECTATIONS>>>>>>


We require a $500.00 deposit (Or  more depending on puppy price)  to hold your puppy. The deposit goes toward the total price of your puppy. Your remaining balance must be paid in full within 7 days before shipping your puppy. If you are picking pup up, the remaining balance must be paid in cash. If using PayPal or Credit/ Debit card payment must clear before pick- up date.  

***Deposit are non-refundable and non- transferable
*** If you are using Paypal or Credit/ Debit Card, the fee must be paid in full at the time of pick up.
Little Pawz Yorkies will hand deliver your baby to you for an additional fee of
$25 for 20 miles and under.
$50 for 21 miles to 40 miles.
$100 for 41 miles to 60miles
$225 for 61 miles to 80 miles 
$335 for 81 miles to 100 miles
For Anything over 100 miles, please contact us for pricing information.
**** Buyer must pay delivery fee 24Hrs prior drop off date/ time.
**** Deposit and or puppy must be paid in full depending on drop off location and puppy price.
**** Delivery fee is nonrefundable. 


If you are unable to pick your puppy up at my location in Connecticut, we will gladly ship your puppy to an international airport near your home.  We work with several different professional shipper/airlines to make all flight arrangement.   All our puppies are shipped using Pet Safe. The Safest Way For A Pet To Fly.  All flight information will be forwarded to you within 72 hours of confirm payment. For puppy medical health reason, all puppies must be at least 8 weeks old and at least 2 pound before he /she can be shipped.


Shipping Fee: $360 & Up (Depending on Puppy Weight). Price includes Crate, Crate Bowl, Vet Health Certificate.  


Puppy will be ready to go home on PICK UP DATE which is on deposit/ payment plan contract. If the date I assign is not suitable for you, please let me know before you sign contract. Otherwise there will be a $10 a Day boarding fee, if puppy is not picked up on pick-up date.   If you do not contact me within 5 days after  the pick-up date puppy will be resold. At that point, you lose your deposit, plus any fee associated in caring for puppy, after the day puppy was ready to go home. These fee will be subtracted from applied puppy payments made, remaining balance will be released back to you via Paypal (you will be responsible for any fee).


*Remaining payment amount in cash (IF HAVE A BALANCE REMAINING)

*Warm Cozy Blanket.

*Traveling Crate, and or an additioanl person.

*Nutri Cal (High Calorie Dietary Puppy Supplement)

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