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📢 Buyers Beware !!!! I would like to inform all potential customers and viewers of our site that there is a website by the name of (under shipping and Delivery).  In which is using our name and testimony to mislead potential customers into thinking they are Affiliated  with us. >>>Little Pawz Yorkies  is an independent private breeder therefore we do not under any circumstances partner up with other breeders to sell our babies.  Little Pawz Yorkies do not sell any babies for under our minimum asking price of 1500$. Beware they already scam several different customer into sending money to them.




🤓So Please be smart if it too good to be true then most likely it's not ****Don't send no money western union/money gram or wire transfer. ****💻  Do your research before you buy >>google buyer, check to see if they have Facebook/. Instagram, check for review, speak to buyer on phone/ meet in person & really get to know that person (don't just conduct business via text message and or email). If they wont talk on the phone its for a reason. Buy Smart and get Quality!!! 

>>>>Feel Free to report any fraudulent Puppy Scam you experience while purchasing a puppy. Please make sure to included the most information as possible about the seller. This will help to get them to stop.

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