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Health Guarantee

 Our Company has over 10 years of experience, therefore we stand behind each and every puppy we sell. Here at Little Pawz Yorkies we provide a 1 year Health Limited Guarantee, free of charge.  We warrant that to the best of Little Pawz Yorkies knowledge, all and any puppy we sell are in sound health at the time of sale. We will never under any circumstance sell an unfit puppy.


*Buyers have (72) hours from leaving the possession of Little Pawz Yorkies to have Dog examined by a licensed veterinarian. Buyer shall provide Breeder with any and all veterinary records, including test results and other veterinary records.

*A puppy is found to be unfit/ have a pre-existing condition when puppy has a problem that will not allow puppy to grow to a normal life expectancy.

*Health problems that can be cured by medication or surgery is not covered. 

*Conditions that will self-correct during the first year is not covered. 

*An unfit puppy must be fully examined by a licensed veterinarian, with full report on why dog is unfit, including diagnosis for covered condition.

*Little Pawz Yorkies has the right to confirm all results and request further testing for diagnosed condition to the Buyer’s veterinarian, at the buyer expense.

*As Little Pawz Yorkies has the option to obtain a second opinion from an other veterinarian at the breeder expense.

* If claim is approved, Buyers have the option to return the Dog to Little Pawz Yorkies at Buyer’s expense, for a replacement Dog from a future litter at equal price. (Buyer is reasonable for all shipping fee.)

PLEASE NOTE:If Dog is not examined by a licensed veterinarian within the (72) hour period following the Dog leaving the possession of Little Pawz Yorkies, warranty will be null and void.



Some Exclusions:

  1. Coccidia, Giardia and any other parasites are not covered by this Health Warranty.

  2. Viral illnesses  are  are not covered by this Health Warranty.

  3. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is not covered.

  4. Estimated adult weight is not covered this is just an estimated base on information gather.

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Vet Check

  • Initial Veterinary Exam, Puppy Medical Report.


  •  Vaccinations, Dewormed.

1 Year Health Warranty

  • If puppy is  diagnosed by a veterinarian as having a life threatening congenital defect, you will receive a replacement puppy equal to the purchase price of your puppy. 

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