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About Us

Diana & Yesenia have always held a strong passion for dogs.  After purchasing a sick puppy from a local pet store, Diana and Yesenia  decided  to extend their knowledge in the quality and health of dogs in order to become a reputable and knowledgeable breeder.  With many years of research, reading books, talking to other breeders, vets, and experts, Diana and Yesenia put all their knowledge and skills into managing a well-balanced breeding program.  In 2004, Diana and Yesenia produced the 1st litter to their company now called Little Pawz Yorkies. Both Diana and Yesenia started as hobby breeders, just breeding full bred yorkies, producing 1-2 litters every 2 years or so.

Since then business has greatly grown and now Little Pawz Yorkies has expanded their knowledge, skills and training into several other breeds, including designer breeds. Diana and Yesenia invest plenty of time into their dogs by ensuring that all their dogs are in great hygiene and cleanliness along with their surrounding ,and that all dogs receive the proper medical care.  

 Being in business for over 10 years has helped Little Pawz Yorkies develop a strong customer base with many customers returning back to buy another pup from Little Pawz Yorkies.  They closely listen to their customer insight and satisfy the needs of their customer and future customer.  

Owners Quote

"Our dogs are more then pets to us. They are a part of our family. We raise all our puppies in our home with plenty of love and care with our wonderful children. They are well socialized from the very first day they are born. All our babies are hand raised by us and their mommy.  This allow the puppies to interact with children, and other animals, to become that perfect little baby you been dreaming of. Therefore we take pride in delivering "the bestest " puppy to you.  We breed our puppies base on quality and health and never on quantity."




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